Saturday, October 16, 2010

Almost Sad

I hope to God that you were really selling candy bars. 

You were small and almost sad.     
I was one of the people in the crowd.  I almost didn’t notice, except, I did.


Where the hell is a Cop when you need one?
Not there.  Not then.  I know because I looked.    

We both know you shouldn’t talk to strangers.
I was a stranger, someone else’s mom, not yours.
You said you were not alone, that your aunt was inside the restaurant. You were all right you said, you were selling candy bars, you said.
We both know you shouldn’t talk to strangers, don’t we?

I hope to God you were really selling candy bars.


maison21 said...

almost sad? terribly sad. terribly, terribly, sad.

Tobi said...

It is worse than sad M. I failed this kid and it's haunting me.

Anonymous said...

I was there it was sad at first ...I'm pretty sure it was a bad scam in the end...

Tobi said...

I hope so Anon. I hope so.