Saturday, April 26, 2008

Things We Love to Love.

Shiny Floors . Lovely high gloss epoxy resin, like these from DM Floor Art and Artistic Resin Floors Italy. With any luck the new digs will be adorned with similar fabulousness.

Robert Longo. Especially the City Series. If you're over it, I don't want to know.
This we love.
Aura paint from Benjamin Moore. From a chick that hates to paint this stuff is the shizz. Saturated colors. No primer. Two coats. Done. The new digs have been transformed.

It is hard to say why an admitted C student, who can't spell, has no grasp of proper punctuation, and is prone to hyperbole would ever think blogging is good idea. I have decided to do this because I think I might have something to say. I will let you Dear Reader, be the judge of that.
First more about me; One of my favorite subjects, moi.
Admit it. I know you feel the same way.
It's just not nice to say so.

I have recently moved into the "new digs" a rather mundane subdivision tract home, in a somewhat less mundane neighborhood near Fort Worth, Texas.

From birth, I have believed that it is my destiny to be obscenely rich residing in a palatial mans. nestled on five secluded acres in the location of my choice.
Alas, such is not yet the case.

For the time being I am forced to live amongst the common folk and do the best I can to make every inch of the new digs fit for the heiress sans trust fund that I am.

How to create all of this fantasticalness with very little money and even less skill is the question to be explored.

This blog is the diary of events as they unfold.
If you can stand the poor results of a public school education (I intended to be a princess, not a secretary) I invite you to come along for the ride.
Actually, it would be better if you drive.
I want to sit in the back and read my new copy of Elle Decor.


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