Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Those About to Rock

Big Judes (My mom) is a rocker. Not the AC/DC--Angus Young sort of rocker, although, if you consider Neil Diamond (The king of polyester) a rocker, then Judes might qualify. Except I think that would make her more of a groupie than a rocker. Now that you mention it (Now that I mention it), the thought of Big Judes throwing her panties on stage at a Neil Diamond concert during a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline creeps me out.

Judes is not a rocker, or a groupie.

Let me try this again. Big Judes rocks. In a chair. A rocking chair. There has always been a rocking chair in her living room, one in the bedroom and, of course, one on the porch. You never know where you will be when you need to rock. If Judes had wheels on her rocker, she could have circled the globe.

When I was a child I was rocked to sleep, then rocked awake. Skinned knees, sore throats, bruised feelings, new library books were all good reasons to rock. I rocked with Judes long past the point of comfort and practicality. We rocked even after sharp angles, pointy elbows, and bony butts had to be arranged just so to fit in the chair. When my rat faced baby brother came along (almost eight years later) I did not relinquish my seat, we scooched closer and made room. We kept rocking.

I do not remember when we stopped rocking. I wonder if Judes does. At some point I guess I got too cool, or too busy, too independent, maybe just too grown up. Judes kept rocking. Sometime later more babies came, children of the grand kind, she rocked them too.

I am not home often, but I expect she is still rocking, covered up in kids trying to make room for all of the pointy parts. There are days like today, times like now, that I wonder if we both could still fit in Big Judes’ rocking chair.

For those about to rock,
I salute you.

Barb F said...

I love this post, Tobi. It reminds me of our old blue swing that hung from chains on the back porch. I'd have my head in Mama's lap and she would be twirling my hair... I miss that.

... man I feel old.

karey m. said...

oh! this makes me absolutely cry. i still carry my girlies to bed...rock them when they're needing it or when i am...ugh. i hope they never lose this. i'm going to lift weights now. xoxo. i really loved this one.

bluestreak said...

Looooooooved this one, Tobi.

I gave you an award finally.

The Lil Bee said...

You really make me smile! Love it, Tobes:)

Connie said...

That's really sweet :-) I have my grandfather's old rocker in storage. It's about to fall apart, but I wanted my kids to at least see it before it totally collapsed. We should move back to the US next year, and they will.

Chaffin Channel said...

Tobi - that is a great post. It made me remember my grandma and her rocking chair. My mom still rocks Braden when we visit.

Now that you mention it, (and now I'm mentioning it) I think I saw her eyeing Braden on Halloween eve while sitting in her rocker. I think she was waiting to grab him and start rocking. LOL!

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