Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bite Me Martha Stewart

Don't look now, but T. is in the kitchen at the New Digs getting her Martha Stewart on in preparation for the Christmas festivities that are about to commence.
In true trailer park fashion I give you "Corn Flake Wreath Cookies"
One stick of a substance remotely resembling butter, three cups of stale marshmallows left over from Thanksgiving, four cups of generic breakfast cereal, some Halloween candy, and copious amounts of artificial green dye are all you need to impress your family and friends.
Christmas Goose, Yule log, figgy pudding? Bite me Martha Stewart.
Break out the Vienna Weenies and let the party begin.
Connie said...

Just remember that you ate the green dye, um, you know, later.

Happy Holidays :-)

Tobi said...

Oh my!

Stacey said...

cooking again?? I warned you and you did take a picture, god I miss you, but I thought that poodle Viv, pooped on the plate... roflmfao
Love you my far away bestie, Merry Christmas to all of you.

Tobi said...

I will have you know that this fine specimen (the best one of the bunch) is a wreath...Not Poodle Doo!!
If you keep them in the fridge they are not so bad, but damn marshmallow is hard to get out of hair.
Miss you all bunches, wish you were here to enjoy the tasty goodness!

Simple Answer said...

These are a favorite of mine! I would even eat that lovely blob of gooey mess you made. And truly? Martha does suck.

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