Monday, December 1, 2008

The Ghost and BFSK S.

Do you ever wonder what makes people do stupid crap? Not the everyday run of the mill stupid, I mean “What were they thinking?!” stupid. Like tying 200 helium balloons to your lawn chair and trying to fly, or buying a lifetime membership to a women's fitness center.

People do stupid crap because they have friends like me. That is why.

Sunday morning BFSK S. (Best friend since Kindergarten) called while I was doing laundry. Did she call to inquire as to how I would like my name to appear on the check for half of the loot from the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes she had just won, and thank me for signing her up again this year without her knowledge? Sadly, no. That was not the reason for her call.

Was she interested in hearing a play-by-play account of the Thanksgiving festivities at the new digs? Not really, the subject never came up.

BFSK S. called to tell me that The Sarge (Her boyfriend, turned husband, turned ex-husband, turned boyfriend—another post for another day) has a ghost in his new house. A ghost that smells bad, like wet gym socks or peat moss. A stinky old man ghost.

Did you tell it to leave? I asked after listening to her story.
S. Well of course!
T. No good?
S. Nope.
T. So, the previous owners left without their nasty old dead Grandpa, and now you are supposed to deal with him? That is just not right. I would not let them get away with that...
S. I should call them and tell them to come get him.
T. Seriously, you should.
S . I will call you back.

And that, my friends, is how stupid crap happens.

karey m. said...

part two, tomorrow? please?

Tobi said...

I will let you know what happens...If BFSK S. ever speaks to me again !!

Connie said...

Having a ghost means never having to come home to an empty house. Sacrifice some new socks, and perhaps some cologne and nice PJ's in the fireplace... perhaps the guy died before he managed to get to the shower and is uncomfy being a stinky spirit?

;-P Just some random ideas...! ;-p

Old House Junkie said...

Tobi, BFSK may not care how your Thanksgiving went, but I'm in breathless anticipation. Who cooked? What was served? Any disasters? People want to know. ohj

Tobi said...

C- I will pass along the suggestions. You see C. this is a good example of why you would be a much better BFSK than I am!!!

OHJ- Thanksgiving dinner at the new digs was a smashing success thanks to The Honey Baked Ham Co. and DDHBF. There was (of course) an incident that I am still to embarrassed to talk about. Soon...maybe!

Stacey said...

I will not let you off the hook THAT EASY.. spill the beans girlfriend... I want the "incident" details asap... I know it did not go without something. Give it up. S.

bluestreak said...

Tobi, i love friends like you.

Tobi said...

S- It is baaaad! Like- Go to hell in a hand basket bad. I fear for my eternal soul.

BS- Thank you, if you ever need someone to encourage your bad behavior- I am your girl

Stacey Cook said...

Make sure you have a double basket when you go, you must have room for 2 cuz I'm goin' with...

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