Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Love the Smell of Money Burning in the Morning

It reminds me of bacon. On second thought, that lovely aroma may be my ass on fire, or yours. I am not sure.

I do not have the strength for a full-blown rant today. This post is more of a whimper.

Make. Them. Stop.
Thank you,

If you refinance your 100 thousand dollar mortgage from your current rate of 6% to a new lower government subsidized rate of 4%, you will see a monthly savings of a whopping $122 per. month. I suppose you could add that to the $8 per. month you will save from the new tax cuts and buy yourself a bottle of Xanax, provided you still have health insurance.

Have a nice day.
Emma said...

Tobi, you forgot to add the refinancing fees to that, people forget the fees. And Xanax is $12 if you still have insurance. Otherwise you're SOL.

Tobi said...

Soooo true E. I could not bring myself to contemplate the addition of fees to an already ridiculous scenario...

L said...

oh, my tobi. i know. it's just enough to make me want to gouge my eyes out all gloucester-style (a la king lear). *gouge* *gouge*

what i miss is all the peeing i used to do from laughing so hard at your posts. well, wait. i still do. because you're still funny. like, seriously. you.are.funny. but i wish that we didn't have to think or write about, you know, the economy and state of the planet and all that crap-o-la. instead, we should get to write and talk about, um, funnier stuff. you know. so i can get my pee back on.


with love from pittsburgh...

Tobi said...

L-M,N,O,P,... Out with the pissy, in with the Pee. I M N- If U R N!
URN? Urine, get it? hehe- NO! I am NOT drunk.

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