Friday, February 27, 2009

Trailers for Sale or Rent

Yesterday Viv the obstinate poodle and I were discussing the current state of our financial affairs. Actually, I was doing most of the talking. She was mostly trying to sniff my crotch.

I was patiently explaining that I was trying to change my attitude, turn over a new leaf, focus on what’s important, stop crying because I can (for the time being ) no longer justify our conspicuous consumption. I told her I thought she should do the same. We would both be happier. This was going to be GREAT!

She pretended to ignore me.

Undaunted, I rallied on—“There are more important things in life than new shoes! (I am not sure what they are, but I think it is time we find out)… So what if we cannot shop or go out to dinner, or spend weekends at the beach? We can be frugal! We do not need fancy wine or gourmet cheese. We have each other! "

"As long as we are together, it would not matter where we are. We could live in a singlewide trailer and be happy, couldn't we?”

Well, couldn't we?



I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm I'm thinkin Viv says "hell no"


Tobi said...

Never ask a poodle to compromise--Lesson learned.

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