Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beverly Hills(billy) 90210

Today is moving day at Fussy and Bitchy Inc. (My place of employment). The hoopty U-Haul is loaded. All we need is a mattress and a couple chickens on top to complete this tragic scene.
Where is the Northern Van Lines moving truck with cute boys to do the heavy lifting? Who is catering lunch? Do these people not realize I am allergic to manual labor?
If Mr. Fussy Pants asks me to ride in the rocking chair in the back--
I will quit.
I swear.
I hope you have a swell weekend (Damn your hides).
Y'all come back now,
Ya hear?
Connie said...

Shotgun! o wait... gramma got that ;D

Good luck!

Tobi said...

Sadly, I resemble Granny more than Ellie Mae, but our biscuits are similar.

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