Monday, January 12, 2009

Who Gives a Cat's Ass?

It is a wonder that I get anything done at work

What. So. Ever.

This is Shirley the office cat. Do not worry, she is not dead, nor did I force her to pose for my amusement (I value my face). She is sleeping.

If this blog had audio, you could hear Rosa the cleaning woman swearing in Spanish because someone (I will not mention any names) left peanut butter cup wrappers in the trashcan under her desk (The very same desk pictured above). Over the weekend an opportunistic mouse took up residence.

The collective opinion of the anonymous employee and the cat that was hired to control the rodent population at Fussy and Bitchy Inc. was reported to have been a unanimous.


Barb said...

Haa haaa haaaaaaaa! Thank you for the giggle this morning. But how much work were you REEEEAAAALY going to do anyway?

Petunia Face said...

That just made my day.

Off to corral Nacho into the same position. (Don't worry, Nacho is my cat, not a man.)

Anonymous said...

love it. naughty kitty.

HOBAC said...

you are so funny.

Simple Answer said...

That was a good laugh!

Tobi said...

Poor kitty has never lived anywhere except an office. I think she trys to make the best of it.

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