Monday, February 15, 2010

Does This Post Make My Ass Look Dumb?

Tongue observations 2/15/2010
1. My tongue has a butt crack. 2. My tongue looks 100 years old. 3. This picture of my tongue creeps me out. 4. I always thought I had a cute tongue. I don't. 5. I have the shortest tongue in the entire world. 6. This gift is screwing with my self-esteem.

Some girls got flowers for Valentines Day, some got candy, and others had romantic candle lit dinners.

I got a tongue tattoo.

What the Hell?
If you are waiting for a punch line, then you know how I felt yesterday.
There isn’t a punch line.

I got a tongue tattoo.

The End.

Connie said...

Tongues are supposed to have butt cracks, although I am not sure if that's the proper term?, that's where both halves of the forked bits stuck back together during evolution. I got a frying pan - but that's ok, hubby got a router.

Tobi said...

This was the worst idea ever! I think next year I will ask for a frying pan.

maison21 said...


Tobi said...

M- Temporary tatt. Tastes bad and makes you drool, but does not involve needles or blood loss.

formerly fun said...

Tongues need to be framed by a mouth to be attractive. Kind of like the bootie, the round curve of an arse=lovely, the wrinkly butthole, not so much. I'm sure your tongue looks less like Phyllis Diller if you look at it or photo it with your lips.

Tobi said...

FF- My tongue is now named Phyllis Diller. You are totally right about the lips/butt thing.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure the crack formed when she was making out with the fireplace... I saw it myself...Someone help this woman, she goes too far. Where will she stop..... Not the gecko....

Tobi said...

Anon- I think I cracked my tongue spitting out remnants of the last anon. commenter that pissed me off.

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