Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Piece of Quiet

This is Mr. Fussy Pants
Mr. Pants would like a piece of quiet, but he cannot have one because he will not say "please".
All Mr. Pants will say is-
And that is why his name is Fussy and also why he gets no quiet. 

Chaffin Channel said...

I didn't know we could blog about our co-workers. Hmmmmm...this may alieviate my bloggers block I've been having....

Tobi said...

MCBW-Of course, we can! I do it ALL the time. It does not necessarily alleviate bloggers block, (as evidenced by the crappy post in question) but it can be exciting, especially if the guy you are blogging about can fire you, or kill you when he finds out that you are mocking him AND using unauthorized photos taken with the camera you stole from HIM!
It is a good time, I tell you.

Lolo said...

He wears True Religion and Affliction, doesn't he?

Tobi said...

Lolo- Yes, he does. He is transitioning from his metro sexual look of years past into a more stabby tough guy vibe. Thank God, he skipped the Ed Hardy phase.

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