Friday, October 24, 2008

Keep Calm And Carry On

The stock market is down 550 points ahead of the opening bell this morning. Pre-Market trading is halted. World markets are plunging. A huge drop in futures trading raises the likelihood that circuit breakers to prevent panic selling could be activated during the regular session today. -- This has not happened since 1997.

In short, there is the perception that the recovery effort is failing. Fears of a deep worldwide recession are running rampant.

It is the anniversary of the 1929 crash. There will be carnage on the street this morning. Dollars will fall from Wall Street like ticker tape. Is now the time to jump off a building?

Hell no. Buy my friends. This is an opportunity the likes of which seldom (thank goodness) happens.

If you are fully invested, go play golf.

If not? Now is the time. Today is the day. You will be happy you did.

Keep calm and carry on.


karey m. said...

you're smart. i know i tell you this all the time, but i think it much more than i tell you.

so i thought i'd tell you again...

Connie said...


karey m. said...

ok, chippie. back to work. {and by work, i mean "entertaining me."}


Tobi said...

I am a bad bad blogger! Sorry, sorry..

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