Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes! We have no Bananas!

"Yes, we have no bananas We have-a no bananas today. Just try those coconuts Those wall-nuts and doughnuts There ain't many nuts like they. We'll sell you two kinds of red herring, Dark brown, and ball-bearing. But yes, we have no bananas We have no bananas today."

My apologies Dear Readers, it seems that lately I have no bananas. I do not have one little bit of funny, quirky, or clever to share with you. My brain is full of numbers and PPS's and due diligence, which admittedly makes for some boring ass blog posts.

I am currently worrying over a block of bond insurance shares that have been giving me ulcers for over a week now. Finally, today they have turned green. I am planning a not so graceful exit before I pull out every hair in my head. I will be back soon when I have something mildly interesting to talk about. Until then you can find me stomping around the WWW in search of bargains and opportunity.

Because I am the bloggy sort of chick that I am, I have been hanging out in chat rooms where boys who buy stock insult each other while they spit, swear, and talk about their balls. What balls have to do with purchasing stock I do not know, but from what I can gather you are not welcome in chat rooms without them, so of course I got myself a pair of imaginary marbles, adopted the moniker "Leroy brown" (The baddest man in the whole damn town), and proceeded to scratch myself, boast about my sexual prowess and talk badly about people’s mothers. I would have made an excellent caveman if I do say so myself.

I am currently wooing an insipid twit named "donna7734" who is understandably impressed with my vast knowledge, not to mention my golden balls. I am almost positive donna7734 is a man.

I will be back soon with bananas and hopefully some lettuce.
Not to worry, I will leave donna7734 and my imaginary marbles where I found them.


image: www.mirrordance.net
Anonymous said...

Too, too funny. Be kind to Donna. (S)he and I share a name.

Connie said...

Good job Leroy. I mean, if you're gonna be a guy, don't go half-ass on us.

Tobi said...

D- Oh, I am nice all right!! Jeez...boy's are dumb.

C- I like it when you call me Leroy!! (sicksicksick..hehe)

Desain-in said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about your new balls.

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