Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nip Tuck

I think I have officially crossed the line between quirky and crazy. Friday and Saturday while I was enduring the excruciating fifteen hours required to renew my mortgage license I gave this blog a little nip tuck, a face-lift, so to speak. I cannot take credit for the template; someone much smarter than I am did that. All I did was find it and install it, which is good because I am a total idiot when it comes to all things computer, so just the fact that I still have a blog makes me happy. I think it looks better. I like it. I am glad I did it.

So why has it been four days since the last post? The last post was on the old blog. Now, I feel like I am wearing a new pair of linen pants. They look great until the first time you sit down, and then, well, and then they look as if you slept in them. I am afraid to mess up all the new pretty with crappy.

Usually, I have no reservations about crap. This blog is nothing short of craptastic (as I am sure, you are aware if you have ever been here before). Most days, the letters fly off my two typing fingers and hit the screen like alphabet soup. All crap, all the time.

This sounds crazy-- I know, a bit like a soap opera. Therefore, as Jill Foster-Reynolds-Chancelor-Thurston-Brooks-Sterling-Abbott-Abbot would say, "I am going upstairs to sort out my feelings and turn my life around." (Classic over used dialogue from The Young and the Restless). I will return shortly to wrinkle my new pants with more crap (so to speak).

Connie said...

It's very nice! I like it very much. Great work!

Bluestreak said...

tobi - i like the new look. but no look does your writing justice, so type away, my friend.

Tobi said...

C- Thanks, I take no credit. as you can see I have been hard at work slinging crap all over the place!

BS- Your poor taste is just one of the reasons I love you.

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