Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh Jeez, I Said Vagina

That sound you hear is Big Judes (my mom) tapping out a cease and desist order that will arrive in my inbox momentarily. "Tobi Renae, you are embarrassing your family! Do you have to use the V word?"

Relax Judes; this is a family oriented post.

Have you heard of the Duggers? They are a crazy Quiverfull following fine God-fearing family from Arkansas with seventeen children and one on the way. All of the Dugger children have first names beginning with the letter J. Obviously, after seventeen children naming number eighteen can prove challenging. The Duggers need our help people! What do you think Michelle and Jim Bob (Listen, I already told you they were from Arkansas, Stop that!) should name the newest little Duggette?
I think we can probably cross Jezebel off the list. My friend B of the A from Kansas offers the following suggestions:

Justin Sane
Juanita Condom

To which I added:

Jim Bob Musta Dugger
Jesus Getahobby Dugger

Your Turn.



Petunia Face said...

I like this game.
What about Joe No She Di'int! Jess Let Her Be? Or Jen-Ital Duress if it's a girl?

Tobi said...

S- Or twins

Ja’woneeda Episiotomy

Justgeta Catchersmitt

The House of Beauty and Culture said...

Jacques Ofin Stead?

Tobi said...

HBC- Love it. How about--
Jasper Chase A. Pornflik

L said...

Tobi, Tobi, Tobi.

How do I love thee?


Thanks for bringing the laughter back for me. Once again, you've made me piddle in my pants.

with love from Pittsburgh...

Tobi said...

L- Back at you Missy.

The Lil Bee said...

Juanita Condom!! OMG, Tobi...

PS I'm liking the new look of this place:)

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