Tuesday, September 30, 2008

People For the Ethical Treatment of Furniture (PETF)

You know my office? The one I will not shut the hell up about? Yes, that is the one. Well, it is STILL not done (big surprise right?). Progress is sloooow . I realize that some of you designer types (who I stalk love and admire ) would probably advise me to let someone with better taste handle this assignment. I see your point. Please humor me.

This is the vibe I am after. I realize that if anyone had doubts about whether or not I am a dork, my use of the word "vibe" just confirmed it.

I am smitten with the use of neutrals infused with pops of color. This is obviously not an office, but I think you get the idea. This leads me to my question. Yes, finally, there is a question.

I am getting to the question. Really, I am. I think it is important to note that the quivering toy poodle cowering under this charming chest acquired by yours truly at my used to be favorite haunt the Haltom City Rescue Mission Resale Store (may they rest in peace) is a cunning devil. Do not fall for the abused puppy act. It is impossible to take a picture at the new digs without Viv inserting herself and striking her best feel sorry for me pose. She is after cheese. Please do your best to ignore her ploy and focus on the matter at hand, which is this charming chest and the drafting table below. Would it be horrible to paint these items to achieve my dream?

I cannot decide. They certainly are not stunning examples of superior craftsmanship. Anyone who knows me knows that they were acquired for a song. However, I feel the tiniest bit guilty whipping out the Rustoleum on them when they have survived this long unaltered. There is also the possibility that I will paint them and then hate them. It is a conundrum.

The alternative is to change the design plan (as if there was one) and incorporate the two lovelies as is. So, please tell me what you think.

To paint or not to paint? That is the question.


* The drafting table pictured above is not the exact table I own, mine looks the same, but larger I swiped used the image to spare you another horrible cell phone picture. I try to be diligent about crediting images, but unfortunately these were intended for personal inspiration. I do not have all of the links. Another example of why I suck at these decor posts.

** I DO intend to dust the charming chest before I paint it. (In case you were wondering). How embarrassing is that??

images: http://desiretoinspire.blogspot.com/ www.ebay.com

karey m. said...

oh. you just reminded me. i have a drawing table in storage. it was by the side of the road. my dad rescued it.

i voted to paint it. he nixed that idea. sanded it for an entire summer. stained and glossed and glossed some more.

it. is. amazing.

if that helps. and how sad is it that THIS is the post on which i comment? when i love those other smarties so much i want to kirtsy you every damn day?! xoxo.

Tobi said...

Karey- I think your dad is a wise man. I know that a proper refinish is what the dang thing needs, but I am an immediate results type girl. Sigh.
Meme has been on my mind this morning. I hope she is sunny side up now after the unfortunate play-doh purge!

Barb said...

Being an 'almost architect', I'm with Karey on the refinish it vote for the drafting table... it probably comes from some weird place in the back of my mind, but there it is. Sorry man... no immediate gratification vote yet.

Tobi said...

B-You see, This is why I asked! In my mind it was paint, or not. You guys are so smart. I think I can re-stain/seal in a more pleasing hue without too much effort. Perfect! Muwah...(gross, I am blogging kissing noises). umm I mean-- thanks!

Simple Answer said...

Well, with that problem solved, all I gotta say is love, love, love the blue ottoman!

Tobi said...

SA- Mee too. I was thinking Turq. for the charming chest. May not be quite the same effect...

Anonymous said...

No turq! I beleive you can do the gel stain we have used on "other projects" of the past. These two pieces dont look like painties to me...too nice of wood to paint over.

Tobi said...

ixnay on the urqtay. I think the charming chest will need to go in another room. At this rate I should have an office sometime in early when hell freezes.

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