Monday, September 8, 2008

If a Tree Falls in the Forest

...and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?

Here I go, getting all philosophical on your ass (I had to spell check philosophical, so how philosophical could I be, really?). Fear not. This post is not a provocative, ethereal, metaphysical debate of the tired old tree question.

It is more about this.

And this.

And what the two have to do with each other.

Which is nothing.

This is where the deep philosophical, metaphysical, who gives a shizacal ,what the helleverisical part comes in :

If a blog that was inspired by décor has become more about things like, oh, say, Japanese guys in sperm suits, then what is that blog about?

I think my blog and I are having an identity crisis.

Who are we, my blog and I? We are not Mommy bloggers, or Tech Gurus. We do not know much about politics or cuisine. We certainly could not give advice about relationships. We can never remember the names of celebrities, and fashion at the New Digs is more about the don’ts than the do's.

We are about nothing. Like Seinfeld, only not as funny, and without as many friends. Therefore, not like Seindfeld at all, really.

Instead of Tobi et al, perhaps we should be Tobi ithoutway ausecay
Simple Answer said...

Definitely as funny as Seinfeld. Funnier. How many friends you need? Your friends are loyal. I don't care if you have a cause. You have guys in sperm suits. Really disgusting sperm suits. Do you think those guys are for rent. What am I saying - of course they are for rent. No one wears a sperm suit just for grins. Yet, I want a sperm suit for Halloween. Just for grins.

Connie said...

I thought Seinfeld sucked. Remember, all his friends were hired cast members and were paid well to put up with his whinging.

karey m. said...

i will let you borrow esme. and then, you can become what you've always dreamed of...

a mommy blogger.

{insert screams here. yours.}

Tobi said...

SA- I think you would make an adorable sperm. (I think I used that line in a bar one time).

C- You always know what to say! Screw Seinfeld, I mean, his wife puts beets in his brownies and he does not notice?? LAME.

Karey- Screams of delight!! Can you imagine what a blogger I would be with all that material? I could kick some Mommy blogger ass...Oh, wait, that's you!

Barb said...

Identity crisis or not, I love this blog. No matter the material, I always end up with a smile on my face!!

[wondering to self: did she actually go looking for a photo of a bunch of guys in sperm suits, or just happen upon it...]

Bluestreak said...

Seinfeld only had three friends that always stuck around, the rest ended up out of the picture. You are funnier than Seinfeld cause you´re real (in the blogging sense). Consider me one of Seinfeld´s 3, cause I ain´t goin nowhere. Besides, blogs that are about something just pidgeon hole you. Tobi, I don´t think you can be pidgeonholed.

Chaffin Channel said...

Okay Debbie Downer - You ARE funnier than Seinfeld ever imagined!!! I love hearing about the New Digs and, dare I say, thought the sperm suits were humorous. :) Probably just side effects of joining your family of weirdos, right?


Tobi said...

B- The sperm photo was waiting in the archives for so long, I lost the link to the image. I hope I do not have a bunch of pissed off sperm guys after me.

BS- Top of the 3 for sure! Thanks for sticking around. PFFT..Seinfeld, who?

MCBWC- So, I am picturing myself at Thanksgiving dinner. When I look at the people seated to my right and left, it leads me to believe that perhaps, maybe, possibly, I am the only weirdo.
Then I think...NAAAH! no Effing way! all of y'all are strange. Thank goodness, What if I WAS the only one?

dee said...

Took me 14 times to figure out what that meant in pig latin. Time to go to bed! Anyway, welcome to my world. I'm the Newman to your Jerry. Sometimes I'm about fashion, sometimes design, sometimes strange and crazy commentary, but no "one thing." And I've come to like that.

Oh, and don't think I didn't catch the double entendre about the farting in the woods and the getting philosophical on my ass. And this is why I come here!

Don't ever change:)

Old House Junkie said...

Tobi, your blog isn't about ONE thing and I'm glad it's not. You may not be an expert on the topics you mentioned, but you think about the topics in an interesting, extremely funny way.

I'd like to think that I'm a "friend" except there's one thing I just can't get over. . . Vivian is so much better behaved than my Isabel I almost hate you for having such a good dog! ohj

Tobi said...

Bee- The difference between your blog and mine is that you are talented and funny and smart (Sorry I will stop). I never know what to expect when I click over to your blog, but I always know it is going to be good. I do not I think I tell you that often enough (I am comment challenged).ankthay ouyay eebay.

OHJ- PLEASE tell me you are not serious! There are wombats that are better behaved than Viv! I hope this Isabel of yours is cute.
Poor, Poor, OHJ.

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