Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Much To Like About Ike

The storm has passed. There are an estimated 140 thousand residents that did not evacuate coastal areas. Many are still trapped in the wreckage. At least 2.9 million homes are without electricity. At last report four were confirmed dead, 2 in Texas, 2 in Louisiana.

The DFW area was spared the expected remnants of the storm. No high wind. No torrential rain. No tornadoes. That is the only good news.


Connie said...

Yipes. Good to see you have internet/electricity to blog. Infrastructure in place, check! Sad to think what is going on in the more coastal areas. I always thought the side effects, ie. the big side-storms, tornadoes, and such, were more scary than the actual hurricane. You KNOW where the hurricane is...

Tobi said...

C- I agree. So many people stayed after the evacuation order.

I guess after so many bad experiences trying to leave, it starts to sound like a good idea to ride it out.

We were so lucky. I am a Kansas girl. Tornadoes suck!

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