Friday, September 12, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

BFSK S. (best friend since kindergarten) called on my way home from work today.

S. - “How is the traffic?"

T- “In a word? Mind numbing"

S- “That is two words”

T- “Like I said”

S- “Do you have gas?”

T- “ UmmmNoooo….I feel fine, a little bit of a tension headache maybe" …

S- “Gas in the CAR! Dipshit, did you get gas?"

T- “No, the gas light just came on this morning. I don’t need gas yet."

S- “I filled up the tank in the car today, also the propane tank for the grill. Wal-Mart was a madhouse, they did have battery-operated fans for ten bucks so I picked up a couple. They also have hurricane lamps. Have you seen the price of batteries? It is ridiculous; I almost had to body slam biatch at the water store. The freezer is full of ice. I pulled out the radios and candles…"

T. “Are you going camping or something?"

S- "Are you going stupid or something?"

T- (Sniff).


T- "Oh, I am stupid? WE DO NOT LIVE AT THE BEACH!"

S- "Just, go to the grocery store. We could be without water and power for days."

T- “No way sister I’m coming to your house."


T- "I’ll bring the wine??"

Ike is on shore in Galveston. As of 10:30 PM the eye was passing over the barrier Island. The Storm surge was reported at 20 feet with sustained winds of 110 mph. (111 mph. is category 3). Water is over the sea wall and flooding has started. No word yet on the oil refineries in the gulf. Gas prices are up 40 cents a gallon and expected to be at $4 by tomorrow. After that, if you can get gas, who knows what it will cost. There are over 20 thousand people still on the island.

Houston is next. It looks like it is going to be a bumpy ride y'all.

Be safe.

Connie said...

First time I ever took my dh to my home state of Florida, we drove down through a small hurricane that was passing over - frogs were flying across the interstate, weather was terrible, and we wondered where all the other cars were. We got bawled out for not checking the weather before our road trip, but I still think we made pretty good time, considering! I figured it was a fair intro to FL for him. First time I go to his home state, California, I arrived in time for the big '89 earthquake. :-p

Be safe!!!

Old House Junkie said...

Tobi, Hope you're safe and have plenty of wine! ohj

L said...

am thinking of you, love. saying lots of prayers for you. i needs me my tobi! my tobi must be safe! my tobi needs to continue to make me pee from laughing so hard! ike can just suck it!

hope you're safe, warm, dry, and with loved ones. we're thinking about you from up here in the north.


with love from pittsburgh...

Bluestreak said...

i love your attitude. you´re such an optimist.

Tobi said...

Thank you guys. We totally lucked out in North Texas. None of the predictions came true. Thank goodness!

Houston and Galveston are in bad shape. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live through that kind of disaster.

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