Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Little Piggy

this little piggy went to the stock market
this little piggy stayed calm
this little piggy ate bear balls
this little piggy had fun
this little piggy went hehehe
all the way home

After much hand -wringing and consternation I made the decision to take the plunge back into the market yesterday. I must tell you the bargains to be had were better than an end of season sale at Filene's Basement! I am not sure that we are at the bottom, nor am I suggesting that it would be a good idea to reallocate long term investments into individual stocks. Nay, this is not the time for imprudence as the Masters of the Financial Universe have clearly demonstrated.

What I am saying is that I have decided not to care. I simply cannot pass up a good deal.
My new motto?
Screw good hair-- I'm buying shares.

For the next several weeks there will be no spa treatments, new shoes, cute fall sweaters, or most distressingly, extreme home makeovers at the new digs, that money is being used to hatch a nest egg.

What do you think? Am I nuts?
Vos opinions s'il vous plaît

Connie said...

About time you joined the feeding frenzy! GE is down, Toyota, etc., good stuff! We got Wachovia for $1! Wheee!

Tobi said...

I know, Right? I couldn't find a picture of a chicken on a diving board. I went for Morgan Stanley and Chesapeake energy. MS may be a blood bath when the market opens again, but I'm playing with house money on that one! $1 for Wachovia?? You must tell me these things!!

Connie said...

Ooh! Utilities! Hadn't thought of that. Gotta have energy and water, always. Good idea. We didn't plan on the $1 Wachovia - ordered it when it was a bit higher, but the legal wrangling put the sale on hold for several days, when it opened, we got it greatly reduced... thanks Citybank and Wells Fargo!

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