Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Money Laundering

What does it mean when you look forward to laundry day for the possibility of finding lost change in the bottom of the washing machine?

A. You are thrifty and wise. You should be commended for your resourcefulness.

B. Obviously, you have lost your mind. No one cares about change. Just admit it is the spin cycle you are enamored with and seek help.

C. You need a hobby.

D. You are a freaking wing nut. When you start rifling through your friends couch cushions, or prying your teeth loose for the tooth fairy, keep it to yourself!


Simple Answer said...

Um. I find this post both hysterical and disturbing. Just how do you think of this stuff?

Connie said...

I have kids... I'm happy when it is ONLY coins I find banging around in the dryer.

Tobi said...

SA- I think it may speak to the lack of excitement in my life, or possibly the shallowness of my brain--Not sure which.

C- Good point! I have washed a few orange crayons in my day.

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