Friday, March 6, 2009

Sinner - Sinner Chicken Dinner

I went for the nuggets-- I stayed for the shoes.

For reasons that are still not entirely clear to me, I needed chicken nuggets for lunch yesterday. NEEDED them I tell you. Never mind that I hate all things McDonald's. Forget that no one over the age of seven would willingly eat a chicken nugget.

I had to have them.

Unfortunately for me, there is a Marshall’s Department Store (I see you rolling your eyes) in close proximity to my neighborhood golden arches.

Six new shirts, two pairs of jeans, one smashing pair of spring sandals, and a felony violation of the No Shopping- Because You Are Poor Ordinance later, the soggy chicken nuggets were still laying in the front seat of my car where I left them.

The good news is-- I probably spared myself from ingesting about three kilos of artery clogging trans-fat.

The bad news is-- God is punishing me.

On my way back to the office my cell phone died.
Fourteen days after the warranty expired.
Six months before I am eligible for a free new phone.
I will have to commit to two more years of service to the tune of $3432 to get a new one.
Alternatively, I could pay cash... (If I hadn’t spent it all).

I should have stopped at Neiman’s.
It totally would have been worth it.

Petunia Face said...

Here's my confession: every once in a while I cave and get my daughter the 6pc McNugget box. She eats one bite of one. My cat refuses to eat any. Then I eat the rest. Shhhh.

p.s. My cat ate the head off a bird the other day, so that she tell you something about the quality of nuggets.

Tobi said...

McNuggets rank right up there with Soylent Green on the tastiness scale..But sometimes it just feels so good to be bad!

I wonder if bird heads taste like chicken?

Connie said...

I don't get McD food at all... I like the fries, in small doses, but I hate eating grease. It is totally magic for kids though. We only rarely indulge them, but there must be something subliminal with those golden arches and brightly colored boxes with food and a surprise inside.

Tobi said...

The recent Disney Princess Happy Meals were the best!

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