Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Elephant in the Room

My obsession feelings for the witty and talented M21 are no secret. I would truly love to squeeze him, or marry him, or at least hang out with Mona if he would let me. Luckily, I am hundreds of miles away from the Maison21 atelier. This spares us both the embarrassment of trying to explain my inappropriate behavior to the police. It also spares me the expense of posting bond for stalking.

To his credit, M takes my unwanted advances in stride. He even allowed me to participate in the first Bloggers Design Challenge, so imagine my delight when I saw this.

I swear I heard the angels trumpeting when I read about it.

Do not even get me started about these... or what I would like to do with them.
Well, that was a little awkward now wasn't it?

In an effort to avoid being the proverbial bedazzled elephant in the otherwise tasteful room and to prove that I do have a modicum of self restraint. I am leaving this challenge to the professionals. Besides, I could never hold a candle to the talent of the esteemed HOBAC, the first entrant in the OCDD challenge, and another of my imaginary friends who so far has not filed a restraining order against me. Bless him for that.

But enough about me, go check it out and get busy!

Tell M that Tobi Tobivitch sent you.

maison21 said...

tobi, you KNOW that the restraining order forbids you to even mention my name on your blog! this will be your third strike, and that's a lifetime sentence!

i'll send you cigarettes that you can trade for stuff, though. i do feel a little responsible, after all, - it's not like you can help yourself. i mean, who CAN resist my manly goodness?


c'mon tobi- man up and take the challenge. i'll let you pet mona.


Tobi said...

Good Lawd M, I CAN’T go to prison I hate neck tattoos! If you will not accept my collect calls I guess cigs. are the next best thing. Thank you for your kind offer

It is true that I am unable to resist your manly charms. That is why--

You are now
And will always be
My Hunk O Hunk of Burning Blog Love.

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