Monday, March 23, 2009

Princess Wee-Wee Is Not a Fetus

I am convinced that I have an embryonic twin lodged in my head.
Her name is Thumbelina.

My tiny baby sister that never was is trying to kill me. According to Google, This is a rare condition called Fetus in fetu. (Which for some reason brings to mind fettucine alfredo, but that may be because I have not eaten for three days). Who knows?
I know one thing, having an unborn child in your head hurts.

A lot.

It can ruin your weekend.

On the bright side, I am sure I will be receiving a phone call from the Discovery Channel any moment seeking exclusive rights to my story. I will be famous like the Octomom. Unless, of course, Thumbelina turns out to be an impacted wisdom tooth as BFSK (best friend since kindergarten) S. suspects.

That is what I think she said before she hung up on me.


*FYI: Do not EVER do an image search for "parasitic twin" in the morning. EVER.
Princess Wee -Wee is a little person not a fetus, but I love her name and I care about you.

** Edited to add that Princess Wee-Wee is not an embryo OR a fetus.-- Yes, BFSK S. I DO know the "diff."

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