Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Girl From Ipanema

Sunday is the first of June. It is Swimsuit Season.
I have no swimsuit. Well that's not true exactly, I have a swimsuit that I won't be caught dead in. I've been surfing around the WWW. Here's what I found at Vicki's Secret.
I am not willing to do the work it would take to even think about wearing this on the beach.
No Way!
Now I know why the girl from Ipanema was sad. Her butt was too big for her cute pink bikini.
At last count I had looked at 9,765 possible candidates for "New Swimsuit 2008"
No Winners.

To make myself feel better I went here....

I think they're perfect. One size fits all!
That got me thinking...

TA-DA! Here it is!! My new swimsuit.

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