Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Room Down--All the Rest To Go.

Work at the New Digs continues. This is the one room that I am declaring (for now) done. My prayers for the unfortunate demise of the horrid white carpet by natural causes, so as to be covered by homeowners insurance, have so far gone unanswered.

Some people rescue neglected pets from the shelter. I rescue neglected furniture from thrift stores. My latest acquisition; this semi-sturdy coffee table. It will hold your martini glass, not much else. What more could you want for ten bucks?

Wide shot: Note the controversial drapes. The b-yatches at HGTV's Rate My Space are overwhelmingly opposed to the horizontal stripes. I don't love them either but, for $1 per. yard they're worth every penny of my $12 investment. Viv thinks they'll do.

What do you do when you have an enormous white wall and nothing to put on it? Go to Hobby Lobby of course. 90% off custom frames no one claimed. No art to fill them? No problem. More cheap fabric. I am slightly fabric obsessed lately.

Dining Room table resplendent with a bust of Julius Cesar (I think, Some old dead guy anyway) again not a big hit with the RMS crowd. Oh well, maybe a rooster would be better.

There you have it. Next on the never ending to-do list. The Family Room...With any luck, I will be able to have a decent mani/pedi sometime in late 2009.

** If you have never had the pleasure of being eviscerated by swarming hoard's of rabid housewives hopped up on hormone replacement therapy drugs, I suggest you check out Rate My Space.
Wear your hard hat, and leave your ego at the door, because these girlz is craazy!

Before anyone takes this opportunity to set me and the New Digs on fire, let me say this:

(A nod to Gollum, who has more tact than I could ever hope for)

karey m. said...

JESUS! this is gorgeous!

Tobi said...

Why Thank You, Karey-
You are a boost to my bruised ego.

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