Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh Hell To The No!

No coffee, none. How is this possible? It is Saturday morning. The most important coffee day of the week. I can live without many things. I cannot live without coffee on Saturday morning.

I am faced with an unpleasant choice.

Do I?:

A) Get dressed, wipe the smeared mascara from under my eyes, brush my teeth, fashion my lovely bed headed locks in to a lumpy pony tail, find my chucks, put on dark glasses, drive to the Albertsons, wade into the masses of cheery showered mommy's and their sticky faced toddlers to find the Starbucks Italian Roast that I forgot to buy last week.

B) Find a semi-clean hoody to cover the Drama Queen Jammie's I'm wearing. Skip the hair brushing, mascara wiping and the shoes (gross I know, but I'm desperate) put on the glasses, drive to the Starbucks, wait in the drive-thru line for twenty minutes in hopes that my "skinny, triple shot, no whip, venti vanilla latte " will be properly prepared and contain enough caffeine to sustain me for the rest of the morning.

C) Skip the coffee and make tea.

After careful consideration, I am going with option B, mostly because it doesn't require shoes. Option A -sounds like too much work.

Option C? Oh Hell to the No!--It's Saturday morning after all.



squirrelmama said...

Saturday mornings are sacred. I find it too risky to fly without a coffee net and so we have an extra freezer in the house and I know it's supposed to be for food but we generally stash coffee in there for those "emergency mornings." No way do I want to leave the house on a Saturday morning THAT EARLY unless it is for a very good reason! What Saturday morning cartoons were to my childhood, Saturday morning java roast is to my, uh, later years.

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