Monday, May 12, 2008

Doctor Seuss Is In My Brain

I sat to type with fingers poised,
but all I hear is rhyming noise.

It’s annoying. It's insane.
Dr. Seuss is in my brain.

You say stop it, I say no.
Before I know it, off I go.

I cannot quit, although I try.
Rhyming, rhyming, 'till I cry.

If this continues, what to do?
Maybe I should try Haiku.

Five, seven, five, that’s the ticket.
Think of bunnies in the thicket.
Winter Spring Summer Fall,
Damn this Doctor, Damn them all.

Rhyming, rhyming, for hours on end
has my patience wearing thin.

Naughty rhymes about Nantucket
All the words that follow, "suck it".
I do not want this mental spam.
God, I hate you, Sam I am.

Out- (out, over, done. rhyming, rhyming is no fun.) T.

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