Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poodle Smoodle

Americans have elected a poodle to the White House, the American Kennel Club (AKC) said Thursday. After reports that Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle promised their young daughters that they could have a dog after the election, the AKC polled the US public to find out what kind of canine would be most suitable for the possible first family.(AFP/File/Omar Torres)

Vivian (the obstinate poodle) has graciously offered her services as first dog in the Obama White House. She says she wants to serve her country. I think she is after cheese.

Tobi to Vivian the obstinate poodle. “Hey Viv, look, the Obamas need a dog. It says here America thinks they should get a poodle. Can you believe that? What is America thinking? A rescue dog. That is what they need, not a poodle. I must warn them. I hope it is not too late."
Vivian- "I could do that job."

Tobi- "Are you joking? You hate kids. You bite them. You pee on the carpet. Can you imagine what would happen if you peed on the White House Carpet? What would Michelle think when you came into a State Dinner with her panties on your head? No, you could never be the first dog. You are a loose cannon..."

Vivian- "Have you seen that dumb-ass Barney? If he can do it, I am a shoe in."

Tobi- "Hello! Barney is George Bush’s dog."

Vivian- You have a point.



Bluestreak said...

here´s hoping Vivian will make the cut, the lovely canine.

Tobi said...

BS- That makes two of us! My carpet and panties could use a break.

L said...


I'm sort of peeing my pants right now.

with love from Pittsburgh...

Tobi said...

L- hehe. I like to make you pee. Is that weird???

L said...

T-I love that you like to make me pee. Not weird at all. Your posts often make me pee. My pants. From laughing. Hysterically.


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