Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Judes Speaks

My Mother is a handful. I love her, truly, I do, but she is a handful. 
She is also cooler than I am. It irks.

This is Big Judes' Facebook photo. Funny, disturbing and cool.  A trifecta. Damm her.

Yes, Judes is hip to the Facebook.  And it appears that the Facebook is hip to Judes.

Here is an excerpt of an actual conversation between Judes and a few of her friends.
(Names have been removed to protect the innocent).

Judes' granddaughter talking to her 20 something friends says:

Don't ask the lamest of the lame what to do on a Friday night! Matter of fact, I will give you my Grandma's cell phone number. I'm sure she has more going on than I do!

And then...

This IS your grandma, and I don't have a cell phone and I also have no idea what I'm doing on facebook! I did have a smashing good time Friday night, too bad you couldn't be there.

I bet she was drunk again.  Smashing is code for smashed.  I am pretty sure. 

And then...

you tell her Judes!!

This is one of MY friends!  Judes is stealing my friends!

Mrs. Friend Stealer (I added the friend stealer part), I like your style.

Is he hitting on my mother?  I think he is hitting on my mother!

Wow!  you are being outdone by Big Judes

Sadly, we all are.

Wow. That is the funniest thing ever. ..  

Who are these people?  Fan club members?  Someone stop her!

Mother!  Don't you have some knitting or something to do? 

She doesn't knit

Do I know you?

Mother, what are you doing?

Really, I should know better than to ask this question.

Scram, I'm busy.  I'm trying to find you a husband.  I don't have much time.  My bunko game starts in 45 minutes.  I don't want to keep the girls waiting.  I might miss the stripper.

Mother, stop please.  What are you telling these people?

Relax, I didn't say anything bad.  I told them that you weren't very smart. (Don't worry; I blamed your father for that). Then I told them that what you lack in intellegence, you make up for in looks, which is not a total lie, afterall, you look just like your mother.

Have Fun at bunko mom.

Okay, so maybe I embellished a little, at the end, but seriously, is she cool, or what?

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

Dearest Tobi, with whom I am newly in love, I am trying to catch up and read all of your posts but I think you will kill me before I can manage it. Happy Tuesday! xo Sorry-I'm not George Clooney or even remotely close.

Tobi said...

Hey BF-F,

Did you see the perfection that was George Clooney @ the Golden Globes? Holy hotness!

Connie said...

How did we manage without Facebook? (How do we manage with it :P )

Tobi said...

It is a struggle C. With or without, it is a struggle.

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