Friday, January 1, 2010

Goat Head, Squint

Ta-Futha-Mucking- Da!
The First.  I did it.  I lived to tell.  I have high hopes for you Ten.  Don't piss me off.

In honor of the First, the first not stolen picture that did not come from my crappy cell phone.
Just as crappy, just not from my cell phone.

It looks pretty good, if you squint.

It also looks like I am a large man dressed in black, caught on surveillance tape while robbing a convenience store if you squint.

Or Oprah! I sort of look like Oprah if you squint!
Go ahead (goat head), squint.

See? Oprah! Totally.

OK, Fine. It sucks. I know. But today is the First, and it looks pretty good.

If you squint.

Oprah  T

And yes Mother, I have every intention of making my bed.

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