Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ms. Jett Puffstickyfacemeanbiterdog and the Stupid Fireplace

What do you do with a pissed off toy poodle with mini-marshmallows stuck to her face?
Stack graham crackers on her head and pretend you’re camping, of course.

Have a great weekend.
Keep the pantry door closed,


OK, fine. That was the lamest of lamer entries ever, but the dog really does have marshmallows stuck to her face. When I try to pull them off, she bites me.

Because she is really, mean.

Dog slobber, squashed marshmallows and facial lacerations do not inspire creativity, so it was tell you about Ms. Jett Puffstickyfacemeanbiterdog or talk about that stupid fireplace again.

Either way it’s lame.

Just in case you are curious here is the final plan for the stupid fireplace.

I’ll let you know how (if) it turns out.
Don't even ask me how the dog turns out.  I am pretty sure that will be a disaster.

image:  i can't credit the other one because i cant remember where it came from...sorry, sorry
The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

Gorgeous fireplace. Put the dog outside and spray it with a hose.

Tobi said...

BF- Totally ripping off someone else's fireplace (Tacky of me? Yes).

Peanut butter solved the marshmallow problem (She would have preferred Nutella I am sure). I will let her solve the peanut butter problem.

Lolo said...

Are those tiles of some sort or what? Also, Vivian isn't biting you, she's just kissing you. With her teeth.

Tobi said...

Lolo- I think that it may be tile or concrete?? Mine will be paint, tissue paper, and possibly duct tape and spit if the situation demands.

And yes, Viv would love to kiss my face off. With her teeth!

Connie said...

One of my last cats - usually a sweetheart and absolute doll-baby (yes, he really was) would go insane for roasted marshmallows. Being climbed by a fully clawed Siamese is not fun. Just hand over the treat and back away quickly...

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