Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Captain's Log: Stardate 201001.06

8:02 AM--Hair dye on head (Also on cabinet, floor, and curious Poodle)—Check

8:12AM—Teeth whitening strips in place—Check—(Note to self: Do not attempt to drink coffee, tastes like minty ass).

8:17 AM—Firming and toning mask applied to face (and; butt, just for grins).—Check

8:29 AM—Eyebrows tweezed—Check

8:44 AM—Eyebrow pencil located to attempt reasonable facsimile of former left eyebrow—Check

9:01 AM—Legs shaved—Fail--Default to knee socks.

9:15AM-- Assemble appropriate work attire—Fail—Fuzzy slippers and knee socks deemed inappropriate.

9:22 AM-- Abort mission and eat donuts—Check



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