Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ms. Potato Head

What. The. Hell.  I think I need an intervention, a twelve-step program, the phone number for Root Vegetable Addicts Anonymous, or maybe Jesus, because JESUS, this is out of control.

I own FORTY SIX POUNDS OF POTATOES!  I am not even kidding.

Don't ask me how this happened.  I have no idea.  I also have no paper towels, no peanut butter, and no laundry detergent, because I can never remember to buy them at the store.

Apparently, I never forget the potatoes.

 I have tried to compensate by using them to wipe up spills and wash the clothes, but potatoes aren't very absorbent and they make a terrible racket in the dryer.

What does one person do with this many potatoes?


Would Potato Patch Kids be big sellers on Etsy?
(Probably not).

What about Pet Potatoes?  Is there a market?
(I didn't think so).

Maybe I could use them as decor.  Easter is coming.

 Something more utilitarian?  A potato paperweight?

Nevermind, I'll keep thinking.


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