Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi, I'm Your New Neighbor, Mrs.Kravitz

There is something going on at the New Digs. The previously vacant house across the street is showing signs of life. I made the first sighting last week. Open windows and a car in the driveway. No people. I peeked through the blinds (my blinds, not theirs) several times (casually, of course) in hopes of getting a glimpse of my new neighbors. I didn't see a thing... Rats.

Monday the electric company came to connect the power. I know this because I saw the truck at eight A.M. when I went to check the mail. I forgot the mailman (person) doesn't come until afternoon. I didn't see a thing...Rats.

Tuesday is trash day. There were new cans across the street. I know this because I saw them when I went outside to make sure random imaginary cats had not disturbed my own trash. I didn't see a thing...Rats.

Wednesday there was new carpet being installed. I know this because I saw the carpet van across the street when I went outside to water the dead petunias. I didn't see a thing...Rats

This morning, Vivian insisted on peeing in the front yard. (mainly because I wouldn't open the back door). I didn't see a thing...Rats

What is the deal with these people? Are they in the witness protection program? Was that really carpet being installed or was it grow lights for an illegal marijuana operation? Why do they drive a nondescript black sedan? Is this some sugar daddy setting up a love shack for his mistress? Are they on the lam? Why are they hiding from me?

*I swear if I find out they have a kid named Tabitha...


*Reruns, Thank you very much
karey m. said...

i. i mean. just the fact that you reference bewitched? hilarious.

Tobi said...

Do not even get me started on the Beverly Hillbillies!

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