Tuesday, June 24, 2008

See, I Told You I Have Friends

I know that there are those of you that have wondered why on earth anyone would want to be my friend. I understand your dismay. I suppose you may even question if BFSK S. (Best Friend Since Kindergarten) and Sugar Daddy (The boyfriend formerly known as Doo-Doo Head) are "imaginary friends", invented to add interest to a blog that would otherwise be insomnia- inducing. Well I am happy to report that they are both very real, and additionally, there is at least one other person on the planet that thinks they would enjoy the pleasure of my company!

I was invited to a Bar B-Que today, a Mexican Bar B-Que. What is a Mexican Bar B-Que? I'm not sure, but It sounds like fun. (Not a Bar B-Que joint--I just liked the neon on the picture, Shiny!)

I have already picked out my outfit.

I won't have to eat a goat will I? I like goats, I don't want to eat one.

What do you Bring to a Mexican Bar B-Que? I thought about jumping beans, but I can't find a recipe.

I have instructed Sugar Daddy (The boyfriend formerly known as Doo-Doo Head) to practice his Tejano riffs, just in case our host has not planned any entertainment.

You have to have decor at a party, right? Well, I have that covered too.

I am brushing up on my Spanish. Which is already pretty darn good. (Bastante bueno).

If you see me on the dance floor, "retroceder, yo están consiguiendo listo para reventar un movimiento" ( loosely translated: Stand back because I'm getting ready to bust a move!)

I have left several messages for my gracious host outlining possible selections for refreshments. My calls and text messages have so far gone unanswered. I am sure it is because of network difficulty or some sort of electronic snafu.

If I can make space in my busy schedule today, I am planning on spending a little time working on the seating chart, only if I finish the press release first. Priorities!

Having friends is exhausting! I did want to let you all know that surprisingly, I am still free for the Fourth Of July.


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