Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

What is this you are wondering? Dinner. Before anyone rushes to Google the telephone number for the Fort Worth Health Department allow me to disclose that no children are subjected to the abuse dished up at The Little Shop of Gastronomic Horrors commonly known as the kitchen at the New Digs. The cheese stick debacle is just the latest in a long line of culinary mishaps. In my defense, not all of the failures are entirely my fault.

Can anyone explain the thinking behind wrapping cheese in a thin coating of preservative infused breadcrumbs then heating the toxic tidbits to a temperature comparable to the surface of the sun? Is it a surprise that the cheesy contents become molten lava that even in the best of circumstances would cause third degree burns to the inside of the unsuspecting consumers mouth? I suppose I am lucky that the damn things exploded. I was probably spared a trip to the emergency room.

There is a bright side. Even though I had to throw away the charred butter knife (That I cooked with the cheese sticks accidentally) and the cookie sheet (Which I assure you has never seen the likes of a cookie) I still ate the cheese sticks.

Smoky Deliciousness!

Barb said...

haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa... OMFG!

Petunia Face said...

Now those look tasty. Cheese IS protein, after all.

Tobi said...

Okay--Y'all I was looking for some sympathy here!

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