Monday, June 9, 2008

¡Retroceder, Hermana!

Light fixture "numero tres" is awaiting installation at the New Digs. I am sorry about the poor quality of the cell phone camera photo, but I think you will agree it is "muy bastante" even when shown under less than perfect conditions.

Yours truly was successful in defeating the Spanish-speaking interloper who spied the loveliness at exactly the same time as mi. A footrace then ensued. I sprinted through the treacherous aisles of the Haltom City Rescue Mission Re-Sale Store with record-setting speed.

Thanks to a long history of out running pissed off girl friends, (My own, and those of others), I was able to hurdle a table of outdated computer equipment, shimmy under two racks of grandma's discarded housedresses, then snatch the object of my desire like a NFL pass reciever in the end zone from the clutches of my opponent before she could say "el gato sea ágil".

She did not give up easily. After several minutes of shouting in English as well as Spanish, hair pulling , toe stomping and really hard pinching (Fine, maybe not, but I did give her my best dirty look). I emerged victorious.

I do realize that there may be some of you who think that winning a three foot tall, brass plated monstrosity, replete with 207 plastic "grape cluster” crystals is not much of a victory. I am sure if my design idol MAISON 21 saw this, he would run from this computer screen in search of Visine to soothe his burning retinas. (However, I did see Arielle the Slutty Mermaid on his site recently, so maybe not). Please do not be too quick to judge. All of this splendor came with a $15 price tag, and it is not missing one single plastic crystal. It is perfection.

Now, on the other hand, if you are looking at my new acquisition with lust in your eyes. I am telling you right now: ¡Retroceder, Hermana. Es Mio! Back off sister. It is mine.


karey m. said...

love love love it. but, then, i'm a crow...painfully drawn to sparkle.

i am also cheap. so i love this even more for the price. well done...

and p.f.? deleted her blog. i can hear you gasp in horror. she's giving it until monday night to see if she needs to start anew.

good thoughts are probably welcome.

Tobi said...

¡Ay, caramba! (I'm speaking Spanish today) Deleted her blog!? Not good. Not good at all. I will send all the positive thoughts my addled brain and tiny little black heart can muster. Gracias, era preocupante.
I guess I too am a crow.
el sparkliness es calidad!

Petunia Face said...

Es verdad. I deleted my blog. Poof! Gone. Nada y pues nada, la corazón de Jesus esta conmigo. Or not. Whatever, I took French.

So I started a new and not so improved Petunia Face. Please update your blog roll:

Ay dios mio.
Cara de la Petunia

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