Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Sisterhood Of The Electric Boots

Several weeks ago I was flitting around the blogosphere and I stumbled upon a seemingly innocent post by an author I cannot remember. Believe me when I tell you, I have looked for this person to kick their ass thank them for making such a lasting impression on my life.

The post was about singing in the car. I love to sing in the car. I dance at stoplights ( much to the embarrassment of my passengers). I know the words to every top forty hit from my youth. In the car, I am a Rock Star.

Since the moment I read the post, this song has been in my head. For weeks now, over and over, I hear this catchy little ditty. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. Consider it a gift from me, to you. A re-gifting of sorts, without last years wrinkled Christmas wrap.

I want to share the love. Let us all gather around. Fire up your Bic lighters. Link arms. Start the sway, here we go...

Oh Candy and Ronnie have you seen them yet,
Oh but they're so spaced ouuuut
B-b-b-Bennie and the Jetttts...

(All together now)

Oh but they're weird and won-der-ful,
Oh Bennie she's really keeeeen

(Here comes the good part)

She's got electric boooots, a mohair suuuuit,
you know I read it in a magazeeeeine,
oh. Oh, oh.
B-b-b-Bennie and the Jets

(Take it on home girls!)

B-b-b-Bennie and the Jets.
Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie and the Je-e-e-ts
Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie and the Je-e-e-ts
Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie, Ben-nie and the Jets.

We are the Sisterhood of the Electric Boots.
United we stand, scratching our collective cognitive itch.
We were brought together by an unidentified benefactor, who planted this earworm, then disappeared into the smoke-filled 1970s pop music abyss.
This is a moment.
I feel better knowing that, now, I am not the only one.

Don't worry, after about four days you'll get used to it.


Barb said...

gee, thanks, man... guess what song will be playing in my head the entire road trip to Wichita and back...

karey m. said...

tried to leave a comment last night, but blogger was being an asshole.

so now i've just returned to tell you about the original comment...which got angrier and angrier as my attempts to post it were spurned. THREE TIMES.

{sigh.} funny. post. blah blah blah.

{the original was witty and memorable and pointed and all the things a comment should be. like when you sing spice girls' songs in my comment boxes. priceless.}

Tobi said...

Barb-(hehe) So how was the trip??

Karey- I think that if the tables had be turned, and you had witnessed your Iraqi friend being mistreated by Miss. Meanie Sharpie Eye Pants there would have been no lovah vs. fighta debate. I would have been on your blog singing the theme song from Rocky.

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