Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Yesterday a client brought her child with her to an appointment at my office. Usually, children and mortgage applications are a recipe for hell. I swore silently when I saw them. I will admit that my tolerance for naughty children is low. My tolerance for people in general is low, so please do not assume I am a child hater. I just do not like them at my office.

When my client (We will call her Mrs. Laleche League) walked through the door with her daughter, I swear I heard trumpets sound. This child was an angel. Angelina Laleche looked to be around seven years old. She was charming, and well mannered, as well as gorgeous.

Angelina used all the proper please's and thank- you's, the yes Sir's and no maam's like a pro. I was impressed. Within minutes of her arrival, Angelina had attracted a crowd. Even Mr. Fussy Pants (my ADD, OCD boss) was smitten. She was offered candy and soda, which she politely declined. She handled the inane attempts of adults to make kid conversation with aplomb.

For over an hour Angelina sat quietly drawing pictures. (That I must say showed a flair for the artistic). Not once did she whine or complain. Angelina's behavior made me rethink my opinions of parents who bring children under ten to public places.

At the end of our appointment, I excused myself to prepare copies of the paperwork for Mrs. Laleche League. I smiled at Angelina as I left the office. She returned the smile with a 100-watt grin of her own. "I love this kid" I thought to myself.

As I left the office, I heard Angelina say "Mommy?" Mrs. Laleche League responded, "Yes Honey?" Angelina then replied, "I can't wait to get out of this dump!"


karey m. said...

not a big fan of kids myself...but this one sounds like one i could potentially invite to my home.

Tobi said...

Karey- I swear you would have loved this one, I was too afraid of rejection to ask her over!

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