Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Polygamist Couture

What does every kiddy fashionista need for their Summer 2008 Collection? Apparently the answer is polygamy wear. Frumpy frocks fashioned by the fine ladies of the FLDS are now available online. The catalog features an interesting array of dresses, jeans, and overalls-- all designed with modesty and pedophilia in mind.

Now trendy babies everywhere can get the authentic abused child look without ever having to have a bone cracked! It appears the sister wives of the FLDS are making due with photographs of empty baby garb on their new website for now since all the potential child models have been in state custody. I am quite certain this will only prove to be a small stumbling block for the prolific cult members.

The wives announced that the new line of kid's wear was created in response to the flood of interest they received after their children were seen on national television. You remember those kids, right? All four hundred of them being herded like cattle into waiting child protective services buses? It seems that the scared-shitless juvenile look is the latest trend. It is rumored that a women's dress line is also in the works. I guess we will have to wait for fashion week to know for sure.

Simple Answer said...

This would be funny, if only I weren't moving to the Middle East. I dare you - that's right - I dare you to try to find a skirt that goes below the knees. No fair looking somewhere that my mother would shop.

Tobi said...

Oh My, SA Do you sew?? You are much too cute for the sister-wife look.

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