Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Extreme Sloth and Technicolor Snot

Progress at the New Digs is at a standstill. Today I realized that I haven't picked up a paintbrush in weeks. I have to say I don't miss it. I do miss the buzz from the Kilz Primer a little. Blowing technicolor snot for days after using the spray gun, I would just as soon forget. Basically, I have been sitting around like the big old Buffy Butterballbutt that I am, waiting for the spirit to move me. So far the spirit has not moved me past the freezer where the Ben and Jerry's is stored.

My office, the office that was one of the major reasons I chose the New Digs as the new T.E.A. World Headquarters, is still a blank canvas. I managed to install the "Frames" wallpaper (Which was a sight to behold) but that's it. Reality TV called and I answered. Who needs a home office anyway? I don't like to work. Work takes effort. Ice cream does not require effort. You don't even have to chew.

This is the only room that is done. Not done well, but done for now. Good enough. The best I could do considering my bad attitude and apparent vitamin deficiency.

I have decided that starting tomorrow I will stock up on Geritol. I will change my attitude. I will climb back on the ladder with a paintbrush in my hand. There may be a pint of Chunky Monkey in the other but, hey, change takes time. When the dust settles, when the technicolor snot is just a faded memory, the executive office at T.E.A World headquarters will be transformed.

With any luck it will bear some resemblance to any or all of these photos of fabulous spaces. (Which I think came from Domino but I am not sure-Sorry, Sorry, Sorry)

All of this talk about work is exhausting. I am taking an ice cream break while I watch Project Runway. On the off chance that I get off my ass and actually do something. If perhaps I can tear myself away from the television long enough to go to the Home Depot. When (If ever) there is progress. I will report back. All I need now is a little good luck and no brain freezes.

Ry said...

That frame wallpaper is AWESOME! I thought it was hand drawn for second there. Whew!

Project Runway is ALWAYS priority! Enjoy your break!

Tobi said...

Ry- It might have been easier to hand draw. I remember now why I swore never to wallpaper again!

karey m. said...

do you ever troll heaps of home office and other room inspiration.

of course, now that i'm firmly ensconsed in front of proper telly in the states, i do not need the internet.

i have hgtv. and bravo. and mtv. {real world houses are also inspiring, you know.}

i love that wallpaper. loving all these posts, in fact. this vacation is really interfering with my reading. xoxo. be really back in a few weeks...

Old House Junkie said...

Oh, Tobi, I had such good intentions for productivity here in the fixer-upper last night. However, I fixed a little tonic and checked your blog. The mention of Project Runway sent me scurrying off to Bravo's website.

I am cable-deprived, but had caught the first season on dvd. Bravo doesn't air full episodes, they air unsatisfying little snippets of the show, impossible to really know what's going on. I feel sorry for Emily and I'm not even sure which one she is!

I noticed a little show I'd never heard of, "Flipping Out". Several tonics and many clicks on snippets later I was hooked. No fixing-upping was done here last night.

Blame? No, I don't blame you so much, but I will be calling the cable company soon and may ask you to share the bill. ohj

Tobi said...

Karey-Karey? Karey!! SO good to hear from you. I am on my way to housetohome now. I cannot wait until you are real, real back! Enjoy the cable and the Fam. (Of course).

OHJ- Since I am already in the doghouse allow me to suggest a few other selections for your viewing enjoyment (I fancy myself as a sommelier of reality TV). Ashley Paige Bikini or Bust and The Real Housewives NYC, Orange County, and now Atlanta-- Sort of like a train wreck without as much carnage. As for the bill? Ummm...

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